13 Outdoor Ideas for Family Fun

Winter time does not have to be indoor time. If you are dressed warmly, there are lots of fun activities your family can do outside.

Get bundled up and get outside with these outdoor ideas.

• Winter Walks, picnics, and animal tracking.
• Creative sledding. Use anything you can find–tea trays, tires, garbage can lids, large plastic bags–and find a hill.
• Make snowmen. Add a competitive twist by racing to see who gets done first or who gets the most creative. Give them personality.
• Jump snow hurdles. Lightly pack a bunch of basketball-size snowballs and then use them to build a course of hurdles to jump over in a round of follow the leader.
• Take traditional games out in the snow: capture the flag, freeze tag, snow baseball (played with a plastic bat and big ball), snow soccer (played with a beach ball), tug-of- war, snow golf (use an open can, hockey pucks and either hockey sticks or golf clubs).
• Snowball roll. Whoever makes the biggest snowball and makes it so big that it can no longer roll.
• Snow Search-Treasure Hunt. Toss 20 items in a large area of fresh snow. Race to see can find the most items in a set period of time.
• Footprint tag. Play tag as you normally would…but stepping only in others’ footprints.
• Scavenger hunt. Freeze colored water in ice cube trays. Hide them outdoors.
• SNOW castles. Use sandbox toys, buckets, containers and molds to make winterʼs version of sandcastles.
• Hat trick. Build a snowman and take turns trying to toss a hat on his head from 10 feet away.
• Freeze bubbles. This is a fun science lesson when it is below freezing outside. After chilling the bubble containers in fridge, go outside and blow bubbles. Watch as ice crystals form on the surface of the bubbles. What happens when they pop?
• Holiday tree. Decorate an outdoor tree with strands of popcorn and cranberry, pinecones with peanut butter rolled in birdseed and strands of unsalted peanuts in the shells. This is a great way to give gifts to Godʼs creatures.

Itʼs easy for us to become couch potatoes in the cold winter months. But with warm clothes and little creativity, your family can enjoy the outdoors just as much in the winter as they can in the summer.

Contributed by Janis Meredith

Janis Meredith, sports mom and coachʼs wife, writes a sports
parenting blog called JBM Thinks. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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