Keeping Kids Warm on the Inside

Kid Ski and Rain partners with parents to keep kids warm when they go outdoors. But what about keeping kids warm on the inside?

Iʼm not talking about hot chocolate and warm soup, either. Iʼm talking about warmth in
the heart. Warmth that says I know Iʼm loved.
As parents, we all love our kids, but sometimes in the busy-ness of sports and school
and work and holiday preparations, the love is not felt. So even during a time when kids
should be filled with holiday cheer and happiness, they are not. And that manifests itself
with grumpy or demanding kids.
As you look ahead to a busy two months of holiday celebrations, remember these ways
that you can help your child stay warm on the inside:
Make your kids part of the preparations. Ask them their opinions, thoughts, ask for
their help. Doesnʼt matter if they decorate imperfectly, or if they donʼt do things the way
you would. When they feel important and helpful, they feel loved.
Be picky about your activities. Itʼs hard to say no to parties and events during the
holiday season. But overloading on fun can actually diminish the enjoyment of each
activity. Instead of going to 3 parties in one week with your child, go to one. This makes
for calmer children and more time as a family.


Give them I love you reminders. Sometimes we forget to speak those three words in
the midst of all the activity and fun we have planned. Of course good times are
important, but nothing replaces a gentle whisper in your childʼs ear or an eye-to-eye
exchange of loving words.
Set aside time to just BE. To be a family. To be comfortable at home. To be crazy while
playing a game. To be sleepy while watching a movie. To be good listeners while taking
a walk together. In the midst of all the gifts of this holiday season, remember that the
best gift you can give your children is yourself.
Now that Halloween has passed, I almost feel like we are all saying, “ready, set,go!” as
we go careening towards the holidays. Can we all purpose to work on a season that
warms the insides of our children as much as we work hard on keeping them warm on
the outside?
Contributed by Janis Meredith

Janis Meredith, sports mom and coachʼs wife, writes a sports
parenting blog called JBM Thinks. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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